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METIS PR is a boutique PR consultancy based in Milan offering a 360 communication and branding solution custom-tailored to individual clients. 

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Metis is the goddess of astute, intelligence, and profound thought in Greek mythology.

The wisest being in all creation, the mythical figure's name, is today the embodiment of empowerment, empathy, and wisdom, values that inspire our work at Metis PR. 

Caterina Monda

A multi-cultural citizen of the world, Caterina is a PR, communication and branding consultant specializing in media relations and event organization in the fashion, design, culture and luxury sectors. After successful stints at international agencies and the Triennale Milano, she embarked on an independent path that represents the synthesis and full expression of her skills, network, and know-how gained from her experience in Canada, United States and Italy. Her multicultural background (Jamaica, New York and Italy) makes her open to innovation, creativity and intercultural dialogue. Her mission is to discover and help young talent in the fields of fashion, design, art and culture.


With two decades of experience in communications across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, with a special focus on art, culture, fashion, and lifestyle, Debrina specializes in media strategy, business development, communications, and brand story-telling aligning brands with market needs. Combining dedicated areas of design-related endeavors with stints in broadcast and print journalism capped off as the Managing Editor of T - The New York Times Style Magazine: Qatar, she creates conceptual and in-person experiences through words, visual images, and events. She is now also the Managing Editor of Sali e Tabacchi Journal - an anglo-Italian publication welcoming the world into an Italy behind closed doors, and a Partner at the creative agency, S&T Media Lab. 



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